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Plates-Permeable Cell Culture Inserts

Permeable Cell Culture Inserts, Packed in 12 Well Plate, PET, 0.4µm, Sterile

Part Number: 230621

  • Mimic a variety of in vivo conditions with 2 membrane materials and 4 porosities 
  • Inserts center in wells, which allows pipette access to the lower chamber and prevents wicking between insert and side wall 
  • Inserts hang above tissue culture-treated wells, allowing co-culture; grow cells on both the insert membrane and the well bottom (non-treated plates sold separately) 
  • 0.1µm and 0.4µm PET inserts feature clear membranes for improved cell viewing 
  • PC membrane is best for cell attachment; PET is best for imaging and microscopy 
  • 0.1µm and 0.4µm pore sizes are ideal for cell-cell interaction and drug transport studies 
  • 3.0µm and 8.0µm pore sizes are ideal for angiogenesis, migration, and chemotaxis experiments 

Pack Description 12 Inserts/Plate, 2 Plates/Case
Case Quantity 24
Sterile Yes
Non-pyrogenic Yes
Autoclavable No
Primary Color Membrane: Clear
Secondary Color Plate: Clear
Primary Material Membrane: Polyethylene
Secondary Material Plate: Polystyrene
Tissue Culture Treated Yes
Pore Size 0.4µm
RNase/DNase Free Yes
  • Part Number: 230621
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