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Buy $900 of any CELLTREAT Products, get 4 free select cases of product, or a $100 Amazon gift card!

For every $225 of CELLTREAT Products purchase, choose 1 FREE offer or choose 4 when you spend $900.

Free products include:

  • 1 case 5mL Indivdually Wrapped Plastic/Plastic Serological Pipets (229205A)
  • 1 case 10mL Individually Wrapped Plastic/Plastic Serological Pipets (229210A)
  • 1 case 50mL Snap-Pop Lid Centrifuge Tubes (229498)
  • 1 Case 55mL Individually Wrapped Reagent Reservoirs (229296)

Offer valid on purchases made between May 22, 2018 and June 29, 2018.

For complete details, click here to view and print promotion form.

New products in stock and ready to ship!
New Products Include:

• 182cm² Deep Volume Flask (Weekend Flask)
• 55mL Polystyrene Reagent Reservoirs
• Polypropylene Reagent Reservoirs
• 100mL Plastic/Plastic Wrap Serological Pipets
• Glass Fiber Filter Disks for use with Filter Systems and Bottle Top Filters
• Sealing Films for use with Multiple Well Plates

To learn more about our NEW Products, please check out the full new product brochure.

To request sterile samples of any of our NEW Products, please complete our online submission form or email