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Plates-Permeable Cell Culture Inserts

Permeable Cell Culture Inserts, Packed in 6 Well Plate, PC, 8.0µm, Sterile

Part Number: 230605

  • Permeable Cell Culture Inserts mimic in vivo conditions
  • Inserts center in wells, preventing membrane from touching sides and wicking between insert and side wall
  • Membrane remains suspended above well bottom, allowing co-culture: grow one cell line inside insert, and another below in the well
  • Ideal for drug transfer assays, transport studies, migration assays, and cell-cell interaction studies
  • Transfer cultures to fresh media by moving the insert to a new plate
  • 3.0µm and 8.0µm pore size are ideal for angiogenesis and chemotaxis experiments
  • For more help with membrane selection, please contact CELLTREAT Scientific Products
  • Non-Treated Plates sold separately; carrier plate is Tissue Culture Treated which encourages cell adhesion

Pack Description6 Inserts/Plate, 2 Plates/Case
Case Quantity12
Primary ColorMembrane: Natural
Secondary ColorPlate: Clear
Primary MaterialMembrane: Polycarbonate
Secondary MaterialPlate: Polystyrene
Tissue Culture TreatedYes
Pore Size8.0µm
RNase/DNase FreeYes
img548 permeable cell culture insert 6 well plate insert only
  • Part Number: 230605
  • Price: $58.00
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