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Bio-Reaction Tubes

Vent Control Label for 50mL Bio-Reaction Tube, Non-sterile

Part Number: 229478

  • Bio-reaction tubes offer a convenient and economical option for small scale, high density suspension cell culture
  • Ideal for biological reaction applications and free gas exchange
  • Aseptic conditions maintained through 0.22μm hydrophobic vented membrane
  • Useful in the screening and optimization processes of suspension cells
  • Reaction parameters can be optimized using small amounts of materials, maximizing the number of parallel experiments that can be performed simultaneously
  • Ideal for suspension cell culture, bacterial growth, seeding larger bioreactors, supporting start-up testing procedures for larger bioreactors, and lyophilization
  • Vent control labels for 50mL Bio-Reaction tube caps cover 1 to 5 of the cap vent openings to control the amount of gas exchange

Pack Description 10 Sets/Page
Case Quantity 500
Non-pyrogenic Yes
Primary Color White
Primary Material Adhesive Label
Maximum Volume 50mL
  • Part Number: 229478
  • Price: $64.00
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