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Tissue Culture Flasks

182cm2 Deep Volume Tissue Culture Treated Flask - Vent Cap, Sterile

Part Number: 229381

  • Tissue Culture Treated Flasks have uniform hydrophilic surface ideal for consistent cell attachment
  • Convenient zip-closure bag is a practical alternative to folding and taping open bags
  • Large opening, canted neck design and moderate angles allow easy access to entire flask surface; ideal for cell scrapers
  • Stable base enables filling with flask standing upright
  • Thick, durable walls
  • Flask is printed with lot number and expiration date for easy identification and tracking
  • Molded, interlocking T design for improved stacking on 75, 182, & 300cm2 and 250, 600 & 850mL size flasks
  • Vent caps feature 0.22µm hydrophobic membrane
  • 182cm2 flask offers more growth area than standard 175cm2 flasks
  • 182cm2 Deep Volume Flask has extra depth, allowing more media volume; you can leave cell cultures to grow for longer without drying out or depleting all nutrients (maintain your cell cultures over the weekend)

Pack Description5/Re-Sealable Bag
Case Quantity40
Primary ColorFlask: Clear
Secondary ColorCap: Green
Primary MaterialFlask: Polystyrene
Secondary MaterialCap: HDPE
Maximum Volume700mL
Graduation Increments (Subdivisions)25mL
Tissue Culture TreatedYes
Cell Growth Area182cm2
RNase/DNase FreeYes
  • Part Number: 229381
  • Price: $219.00
  • Quantity: